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  • What is Red Training?
    Red Training is a self-service eLearning solution for Microsoft 365 to keep your knowledge employees up to speed and productive. It can be accessed directly through Microsfot teams or through an online portal.
  • How much does Red Training cost?
    There are five packages for Red Training. Individual User ($8.99), 15 User Licence ($79.99), 30 User Licence ($149.99), 50 User Licence ($299.99) and 100 User Licence ($499.99). The packages are billed monthly on a no-contract term. The 50 and 100 User Licence Packages include a Private Channel (LMS) for clients to create their own customer training portal.
  • What is a Private Channel?
    The Private Channel is a customer portal where clients can upload thier own training modules for staff to use. Private Channels allow busiensses to store all of their IP one one secure, easy to access platform. This makes training existing staff on onboarding new staff much easier. It also improves knowldge retention (through gamifaction and awards) and reduces help desk calls.
  • How do I access Red Training?
    Clients can access Red Training through an online portal or Microsoft Teams. If the client has Microsoft Teams licence, then they can access the training portal directly through an app in Microsoft Teams. If not, they can access it through a web portal -
  • What is included in a standard subscription?
    Every user gets access to over 5,000 on-line training videos that cover all aspects of Microsoft 365 and Windows functionality. Users can also purchase other training modules, such as Adobe Photoshop courses, directly through the portal.
  • Am I able to track user progress and activity?
    Yes! The Red Training platform provides advanced tracking and reporting. Administrators can create specific reports that showcase the viewing hostory of all videos by user group and department. Red Training also enables gamification to award powerful learners.
  • Is my subscription on a contracted term?
    No, all Red Training subscriptions are on no contract, month-tomonth terms.
  • How do I upload content to a Private Channel?
    We have a learning module on how to create your own Private Channel , including uploading content and creating quzzes, that our admins can access through Red Training.
  • Where is Red Training hosted?
    Red Training is hosted in Australia by Microsoft Azure.
  • What is Clip Training?
    Clip Training powers the Red Training platform and currently has over 4 million active users -
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